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i need to date a girl with the initials AG so we can carve SW+AG on benches

Those r my mums initials…,

say hello to your new dad. i see that your tumblr blog contains some vulgar language. you’re grounded

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Tiara and Austin learn how funny numbers can be

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this is the saddest youtube comment i’ve ever read

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I don’t trust the media, too many acronyms.  what does cnn stand for?  literally no one knows the answer

cable news network

could be.  literally no one knows

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The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.
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oh shit i got into the writing program for that and couldnt go! have fun:-)

Asked by Anonymous

much appreciated

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going to csssa tomorrow for creative writing. four weeks of just writing. probably food and stuff too. fun being had maybe

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i’m not a regular mom, i’m a cool mom

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do you think clouds look down on people and think “that ones shaped like an idiot”

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